BTE-290H Hi-Rail Mini Excavator

Compact and powerful, the BTE-290H Hi-Rail Mini Excavator has surprisingly strong performance for changing ties, tamping, and ditching work. Its light weight and small size makes it easy to mobilize to work sites. 

Work from the rail or track-travel with BTE’s exclusive Hi-Rail Gear System. This mini excavator can quickly jump off-track and get in the clear to allow trains to pass. Increase production and versatility when using the high-performance BTE attachments designed for this small machine. 

The BTE-290H features the Tie Talon for standard or bridge ties, a powerful Tamper, and multiple bucket types. The BTE-290H pairs with the exclusive BTE Mini Culvert Cleaner, which provides ability to clean smaller diameter culverts and maneuver in tighter spaces


Together with an operator-friendly control system, a swing boom, optional tilt-rotator, and BTE’s innovative attachments, the BTE-290H is a robust hi-rail mini excavator solution.


Two Motor Tamper

Tie Talon

Parallel Tie Talon

Tube Talon

Tie Shear