BTE-325 Hi-Rail Excavator

The BTE-325 is an extremely productive combination of size, power, lift capacity, and maneuverability for a Hi-Rail excavator. The BTE-325 can be rapidly deployed on rail and easily jumps off-track for more versatility or to allow train traffic to pass. The increased lifting capacity of the BTE-325 makes it a capable choice for handling heavy loads or lifting track materials and the compact radius is crucial when working in tight areas.

Speed, Reach, Mobility

Coupled with the BTE Undercutter, Mulcher, Cold Air Blower, Rail Threader, Rototilt, and buckets, the BTE-325 Hi-Rail excavator makes an indispensable track maintenance workhorse. With its lifting capacity, the BTE-325 can handle wood panels and other heavy loads. With its speed, reach, mobility, and a full suite of advanced attachments, the BTE-325 is the best solution for great equipment utilization in challenging conditions.


High Performance Undercutter

4-Motor Tamper

Tie Talon

Tie Dragon

Tie Grapple

Panel Lifter

Pile Driver

Tower Shear


Rail Threader

Power Grip Bucket

Mantis Bucket

Ditching Bucket

Digging Bucket


Cold Air Blower

Culvert Cleaner