BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe

The responsive BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe easily mobilizes to tackle spot track maintenance work. It features the innovative cab-operated BTE Hi-Rail system for work and rail travel, with a pivoting front axle for greater rail stability while allowing full use of the front loader bucket. With the flexible Rototilt, attachments can be rotated, tilted, and precisely controlled. The hydraulic hose reel powers hydraulic hand tools track side. 


 Its weight and size make it very easy to mobilize to work sites. Whether it be tamping switches, pulling ties, or ditch cleaning, the mobile BTE-420 is rugged and dependable with lift capability and extend-a-hoe reach to get the job done.


Two Motor Tamper

Tie Talon

Tube Talon

Tie Shear

Power Grip Bucket