The Challenge

Diamonds are very expensive pieces of track work that require continuous monitoring and frequent upkeep.  Heavy train traffic, typical of today’s Class One’s, can cause a diamond to sink, which creates additional strain on its specialized components.  In order to restore it, most railroads send out a section team to manually lift the diamond with numerous hand jacks.  This work is typically tortuous and can result in serious back strain and lost time injuries to section team members. 


The Solution

The BTE 450 Backhoe is the largest and most powerful backhoe available on the market today.  It can easily lift diamonds, which results in much less manual jacking. This means less heavy physical work for the section team and more importantly, a significant reduction in the likelihood of worker injury.


After the track is lifted and fresh ballast installed, the 450 can quickly detach its bucket attachment and grab a BTE Tamper work head to tamp up the ballast at the approaches and underneath the diamond.


The BTE Tamper on the BTE450 Backhoe has the power and flexibility to easily handle the job of tamping diamonds with their unique geometries, special custom oversized ties, and tight clearances.


 The Benefit

The diamond and track structure are restored to standards in less than 50% of the time it would typically take. The diamond is now under less stress… and so is the Division Engineer.

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