Ballast Tools Equipment (BTE) has a tie handler to fit all of your rail maintenance needs. BTE’s lineup consists of handlers capable of moving up to seven ties at a time. The Four-Tie Concrete Tie Unloader, or Tie Dragon, is ideal for smaller machines. The one pictured is heading out to a customer to be placed on an M320F wheeled excavator. The four-tie handler/spacer weighs only 4,700 pounds. It’s equipped to handle and space concrete ties efficiently, with the ability to grab the ties from the very ends of a bulkhead flat car and grab ties out of a gondola car. As with all of the BTE Tie Dragons, it requires rotation for use, and can be paired with a Rototilt attachment from BTE. BTE’s assortment of tie handlers all feature tough urethane gripper pads to securely hold the ties in place without chipping or cracking them, saving the ties from damage. To see how a BTE Tie Dragon can increase your productivity, contact BTE today!

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