Ballast Tools Equipment is ready for bridge maintenance projects, no matter the size. BTE offers bridge stabilizers for both timber and steel decks. The Bridge Stabilizer is an extremely effective tool for maintaining rail gauge and bridge alignment during the tie change-out process. The insulated gauge rod maintains proper rail gauge while machines are working on the rail. The scissor-style center frame can open and close as needed to accommodate different widths of stringer boards. The scissor frame’s extra-long design on the Timber Deck Bridge Rail Stabilizer allows the frame to slide up and down with the rails during the jacking process. The Steel Deck Bridge Rail Stabilizer features lower adjustable clamps that attach securely to the top flange of the bridge girders. The Bridge Stabilizer saves time by eliminating the need to realign the deck, all while providing an increased level of safety for the equipment operators during bridge maintenance operations. For your bridge maintenance needs, contact BTE today at 636-937-0505.

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