Ballast Tools Equipment is known for its innovative hi-rail equipment and machines, but in Shelocta, Pennsylvania recently, a BTE-323 excavator could be found in the woods and pastures. The BTE-323, fixed with the BTE Mulcher attachment, is helping clear the way for a Class I railroad to rehabilitate an abandoned railway. The abandoned rail spur runs to a coal facility, and the railroad is taking the initial steps toward getting the 6-mile line into tiptop shape again.  Once the line is ready, the railroad plans to run trains and start generating valuable coal revenue. 

The BTE-323 Excavator features the industry’s most robust hi-rail system which is designed for the most severe railroad environments. Paired with the BTE Mulcher attachment, the BTE-323 is extremely productive, cutting and mulching trees and brush with ease. 

Aside from being powerful and productive, it’s also versatile.  The machine is designed to be used 365 days per year with railroad attachments that are quickly changed, allowing the machine to perform at ditching, material handling using a magnet, blowing snow from switches, tamping track, undercutting, changing ties and much more. 

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