When you need a versatile, powerful, yet compact excavator for your MOW projects, look to the latest machine from Ballast Tools Equipment.

The BTE-325 Hi-Rail Excavator is an excellent balance of size, power, lift capacity, and maneuverability for track maintenance applications. The compact radius tail swing enables it to work in tight quarters. Its four-wheel drive hi-rail gear system provides plenty of power for pulling work carts and dump trailers. The heavy lifting capacity of the BTE-325 makes it a good choice for handling track panels. With the ability to travel at more than 20 mph, the BTE-325 can be rapidly deployed to a work site or quickly clear up to allow traffic to pass.

With a full suite of attachments, including an Undercutter, Mulcher, Cold Air Blower, Magnet, Tamper, and other specialty attachments, the BTE-325 is the most versatile machine in the fleet.

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