BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe


The BTE-420 Hi-Rail backhoe is very effective for quick track work. Spot tamping is easy with this 12-ton machine. It easily tamps diamonds, switches, and other tight areas and includes a hydraulic hose reel for operating hand tools. Hi-rail into difficult locations and work from on or off the track. Available for purchase or lease.


BTE 420 Hi-Rail Features:

  • BTE Hi-Rail System controlled from inside the cab

  • Hi-Rail wheels/axles are permanently mounted to the machine frame

  • Front High Rail center axle pivot for increased stability

  • Eight Inch diameter heat treated hi-rail wheels

  • Front and rear wheels retract to allow complete clearance in off track mode

  • Cab activated hydraulic lock pins on front hi-rail

  • Mechanical lock pins to lock high rail in up or down position on rear

  • Front bucket is independent of Hi-Rail and has complete range of motion


BTE-420 Hi-Rail Machine Features:

  • Based off a CAT 420F-IT Backhoe Loader

  • Multi-button joy sticks for control of attachments

  • BTE hydraulic system able to perform multiple functions at the same time

  • BTE priority hydraulic valving to run high performance attachments

  • Hydraulic Reel with 50 foot hose for hand tools

  • Rototilt system for 360 degree rotation and 40 degree tilt on all attachments

  • Fully enclosed cab with climate control

  • Cat dealer network for parts and service

  • BTE support for training, parts and service

BTE Controls System Advantages-

  • Operator friendly Work Tool PLC mounted in cab with small monitor

  • Attachment Recognition System sets hydraulic flow and pressure

  • Auto Tamp mode allows easy one button multi-squeeze tamping action

  • Rototilt rotation speed adjustment for operators preference


The BTE-420 Hi-Rail has been specifically been modified for a range of railroad maintenance attachments:

  • BTE Tamper, 4 tool, 2 basket

  • BTE Tie Head, with carbide fingers

  • BTE Tube Talon for TKO style tie removal

  • BTE Cribbing Bucket

  • BTE Ditching Bucket

  • Multi-Stand, carry and store attachments


The BTE-420 Hi-Rail Loader IT attachments include:

  • Quick Coupler Front Bucket

  • Front Bucket Snow Scoop

  • High capacity Quick Coupler Front Forks

  • Two Stage Snow Blower with wireless control

Weight24,000 pounds/12 tons
Engine TypeCat 4.4 Diesel
Emmison RatingTier 4 Interim
Horsepower102 HP
Hydraulic Oil Tank10.6 Gallons
Fuel Tank44 Gallons
Extend-A-Hoe ReachOver 22 Ft
Front Bucket Lift Capacity7,200 pounds, 1.25 cubic yards

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