BTE Culvert Cleaner System

 Culvert Cleaner Ssytem

The BTE Culvert Cleaning system is the most innovative and productive way to clean clogged culverts. The system is mechanically cleans debris-filled culverts up to approximately 140 feet in length.

It includes the BTE-312 Hi-Rail excavator, the Culvert Cleaner attachment and recognition system, the BTE-420 Hi-Rail backhoe, and the BTE cart with additional augers. This system helps prevent rail and track damage, promotes crew safety and efficiency, and saves millions on track maintenance.

This system quickly and safely cleans blocked culverts to improve drainage and remove material stuck in culvert pipes under railroad tracks or roads.

Culvert Cleaner Features

  • BTE Culvert Cleaner Hi-Rail System allows track access to problem culverts in remote locations
  • Small Hi-Rail gang of two machines and one supply cart
  • Quickly climb off track to clean culverts, freeing up valuable track time
  • Remove rock, dirt, and muck from round or boxed culverts from 12 inches to 8+ feet in diameter
  • Tackle up to 140-foot-long culverts by adding additional auger sections
  • Quick and efficient work allows cleaning of multiple long culverts in one day
  • Mechanical cleaning with high torque drive system, so cleaning does not require any water
  • User friendly system only requires two operators and one person on the ground
  • Precision operator control with multiple cameras allows viewing progress inside the culvert
  • BTE cart is designed to hold augers, racks, tools, and buckets
  • Available on Hi-Rail, track, or rubber-tired equipment

Culvert Cleaner System Benefits

  • Clean culverts eliminate washed out track and resulting track maintenance and train delays due to water damage from plugged drainage culverts
  • BTE Culvert Cleaner eliminates the need for removing debris by hand inside culverts, keeping workers safe and productive.


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