BTE Track Jack SystemBTE-303330

For CAT 312 or Equivalent

The BTE Track Jack is an innovative rail lifting system that safely lifts the rails during tie changing process. The Track Jack eliminates the need for the gang to manually jack the rail, keeping the crew off the bridge and keeping them safe. All functions of the Track Jack are completely controlled from inside the operator’s cab of the Bridge Excavator. When combined with our Bridge Stabilizers, the Track Jack is an invaluable part of the bridge maintenance system and increase productivity while also increasing safety.

  • Innovative bridge maintenance solution
  • Delivers over 46 tons of lifting force
  • BTI carbide protected rail clamps
  • Quickly transforms from work position to travel position
  • PLC control of functions with safety interlocks
  • Can be set on and off the track quickly with tie head attachment
  • Mechanical brakes prevent rolling when uncoupling from excavator
  • Can be towed at track speeds up to 20 MPH

Auxillary Hydraulic Circuits Required(3)Two Way Circuits
Weight2,000 LBS

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Please reference model number BTE-303330.