BTE Bolt Biter AttachmentBTE-303185

For CAT 450/312 or Equivalent

The BTE Bolt Biter attachment is used to easily and effectively remove line bolts, J-hooks and lag screws during maintenance operations. The Bolt Biter can be used to either shear the head off the bolts for removal or bite the head of the bolt to pull it out of the bridge. When coupled to the Rototilt™ system, the Bolt Biter can also be used to rotate the hardware and unscrew it out of the bridge. The Bolt Biter eliminates the need to have the gang manually remove hardware from the bridge, increasing productivity while also increasing your gang’s safety.

  • Innovative bridge maintenance solution
  • Replaceable hardened steel shear jaws
  • Exceptional visibility for positioning over bridge hardware
  • Provides over 27 tons or shearing force

Auxillary Hydraulic Circuits Required(1) One Way - Tilt/Rotate/Open-Close Jaws
Weight500 LBS
*Rototilt™ sold separately
450 Backhoe:RT40 Rototilt™
312 Excavator:RT60 Rototilt™

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Please reference model number BTE-303185.