BTE Beast Switch UndercutterBTE-302400

For CAT 325/329 or Equivalent

The BTE "Beast" Switch Undercutter is designed to efficiently remove mud and other contaminants from fouled ballast beneath railroad tracks, enabling fast and effective undercutting. The innovative spoil removal wheel keeps spoils from building up around the drive sprocket, eliminating the need for a track side trench. The BTE Beast has a built-in relief control that prevents high-pressure seal “blow out”, and can cut and crawl simultaneously with no loss of power. It is also able to cut a switch in one pass. The built in power pack specs out at 350 HP, and delivers 165,000 lbs. of tensile strength to the 18 foot extended life undercutting chain.

  • Fast, adjustable and highly efficient spoil removal wheel (no trenching required)
  • The 350 HP Power Pack delivers maximum power to the cut
  • The BTE Beast is the most powerful off-track undercutter in the industry
  • Wear resistant tungsten carbide bits and paddles
  • Two speed automatic drive system to provide higher torque at normal cutting speeds delivering more power in the cut
  • Built-in relief control in the motor
  • Convenient, safe and easily accessible chain tensioning system
  • Ajustable shroud

Power Pack350 HP
Cutter Chain Size3 in.
Cutting Speed Approx. 200 Ft/Hour.
Pump Capacity (Cutting Chain)70 GPM @ 6,000 PSI
Pump Capacity (Spoil Wheel)40 GPM @ 3,000 PSI
Undercutter Length25 FT
Undercutter Width4.5 FT
Undercutter Weight8,900 LBS
Gross Machine Weight78,000 LBS

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Please reference model number BTE-302400.