BTE-326 Hi-Rail Excavator

The BTE-326 is the higher-powered big brother to the BTE-325 Hi-Rail Excavator. The BTE-326 can also be rapidly deployed on rail and easily jumps off-track for more versatility or to allow train traffic to pass. The increased lifting capacity of the BTE-326 makes it a capable choice for handling heavy loads or lifting track materials. As with the 325, the BTE-326 is a versatile machine that performs a wide array of services.

Track Maintenance Workhorse

Coupled with the BTE Undercutter, Mulcher, Cold Air Blower, Rail Threader, Rototilt, and buckets, the BTE-326 Hi-Rail excavator makes an indispensable track maintenance workhorse. The BTE-326 lifting capacity can handle wood panels and other heavy loads, and with its speed, reach, mobility, and a full suite of advanced attachments, it is the best solution for great equipment utilization in challenging conditions.


High Performance Undercutter

4-Motor Tamper

Tie Talon

Tie Dragon

Tie Grapple

Panel Lifter

Pile Driver

Tower Shear


Rail Threader

Power Grip Bucket

Mantis Bucket

Ditching Bucket

Digging Bucket


Cold Air Blower

Culvert Cleaner