Doosan DX255 Hi-Rail Excavator 

BTE has built 3 Doosan DX255 platforms to date, with more on the way. The Doosan DX225LC-5 DX series boosts your performance with powerful engines and hydraulic systems. It delivers outstanding performance with the high-pressure common rail fuel system on the engine and Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS). 

Outstanding Performance

Choose between four work modes, auto-idle and machine diagnostics. Smart Power Control (SPC) improves machine efficiency while maintaining productivity through variable speed control and pump torque control. Each of the four power modes will function with SPC engaged or disengaged, however SPC only is active in the digging work mode. Auto shutdown helps owners save fuel while the machine isn’t working.


High Performance Undercutter

4-Motor Tamper

Tie Talon

Tie Dragon

Tie Grapple

Panel Lifter

Pile Driver

Tower Shear


Rail Threader

Power Grip Bucket

Mantis Bucket

Ditching Bucket

Digging Bucket


Cold Air Blower

Culvert Cleaner